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American Future Fund announces ’25 Years’ ad encouraging Congress to act on a bipartisan solution to improving our immigration system.

West Des Moines, IA – Today, the American Future Fund announced a cable and digital ad buy that will encourage Congress to work with President Trump on a bipartisan solution that will make our borders stronger and help the Dreamers.

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“Conservatives in Congress and President Trump have an obligation and a historic opportunity to secure our border and to find a permanent solution for these Dreamers, who were brought to the country as children,” said Nick Ryan of American Future Fund.

“For years, Presidents from both sides of the aisle have failed to pass immigration reform. I believe President Trump can get this accomplished,” said Ryan. Today, a real opportunity exists for Republicans to proudly act on legislation that will ensure approximately 700,000 DACA recipients don’t lose the ability to live and work legally in this country and be subject to deportation.

The legislation comes at a critical time when illegal border crossings have come down to the lowest point in modern history and increasing border security funding can even further focus on stopping future illegal immigration.

“This television campaign highlights this time-sensitive opportunity, and how close our country is to a real step forward to improving our immigration system,” added Ryan.

The ad will run on cable and digital as part of a $250,000 media buy.

The American Future Fund is a 501(c)(4) multi-state issues advocacy group designed to effectively communicate conservative and free market principles. The American Future Fund works to educate citizens across the country on common conservative principles.