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Ed Meese, Conservative Groups Renew Opposition to Medical Malpractice Bill

Represents ‘Constitutional Malpractice’

For Immediate Release:​​​​​
July 27, 2017

WASHINGTON – The American Future Fund (AFF) today released a follow-up letter to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) from former Reagan Attorney General Edwin “Ed” Meese III and 11 conservative groups renewing their opposition to legislation imposing caps on medical malpractice awards, charging that the bill “remains a premier example of constitutional malpractice.”

The groups maintain that efforts to add “clarifying language” to H.R.1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 to address federalism concerns could not avail because “there is fundamentally no ‘clarifying language’ that would reconcile a sweeping effort to federalize tort law with our system of federalism.”

The letter goes on to insist that “(r)egardless of the potential cost savings claimed for medical malpractice reform, the costs to freedom – and the spirit of innovation and regional diversity – of the creeping and, more recently, massive intrusion of federal laws and regulation on state prerogatives, especially in the health care arena, are far higher.”

In addition to AFF, the signatory organizations once again include:

  • Edwin “Ed” Meese III
  • The Institute for Policy Innovation
  • Citizen Outreach
  • 60 Plus
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Frontiers of Freedom
  • Less Government
  • The Hispanic Leadership Fund
  • The Taxpayers Protection Alliance
  • The Institute for Liberty
  • Consumer Action for a Strong Economy

AFF Founder Nick Ryan stated, “With conservatives calling out its impermissible and irreconcilable intrusions on the longtime presumption that tort law is the sole province of the states, the medical malpractice bill has clearly been on life support since it was reintroduced this Congress. It’s time for the House leadership to pull the plug and end their efforts to impose mandates that interfere with state constitutional, legislative and judicial prerogatives and the expressed will of their citizens.”

The American Future Fund, which operates as a 501(c)(4) organization, is a national issues advocacy group providing Americans a voice to support conservative and free market ideals.

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